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About Purbasha


Why Purbasha?

Purbasha is the welcoming island in Atlanta for the Bengali émigré from India. We are a group of young, passionate and motivated Bengalis who feel proud of our heritage and culture, and organize many cultural and fun activities all around the year. We are the reason for you to feel confident that your children would grow up appreciating every nuance of being a Bengali, when you are in Atlanta. We are one of the significant reasons for you to favorably consider relocating to Atlanta, when you are making such decisions. Our strengths lie in the clarity of our vision, the transparency in our processes and the commitments we promise together. Please feel free to talk to one of our members to know more and convince yourself that you have now reached the most vibrant group of Bengalis in USA.

Purbasha Mission

Provide a sense of belonging to our great heritage and culture while we are away from home. Organize activities that are traditional and representative of our culture. Inculcate a sense of affinity, value, pride, belongingness, commitment and responsibility - the hallmarks of our culture - in our children

Purbasha Vision

Be recognized as the outstanding Bengali organization in the US. Create a permanent abode to serve the dual purposes of (1) a center to host, facilitate and coordinate Bengali cultural and social activities, and (2) A foyer to provide a peek into a microcosm of what our heritage and culture aspire and endure.

Purbasha Goals

Plan, organize and present activities and get together that relate to the cultural, seasonal and traditional aspects of Bengali Heritage. Organize fun-filled activities and picnics to share and enjoy quality time together. Support charitable intentions of Purbasha and other organizations to help alleviate the problems of under-privileged members of our community both in and outside of the US.

Current Committee


President: Tathagata Bhattacharya

Vice President: Raka Das

Secretary: Atanu Ghosh

Treasurer: Nilendra Chanda

Publications: Raka Das

Cultural Secretary: Paulami Piplai

Purbasha Youth: Anushree and Rohit

Event Management: Nivedita Ghosh & Team

Logistics & Operations: Kausik Das & Team

Puja Committee: Jharna Saha & Team

Decorations: Debasis Bose & Team

Food Management: Saurav Das & Team

Purbasha Loves Community: Rituparna Bhattacharya & Team

Healthy Purbasha: Biplab Biswas & Team

Media Management: Saikat Chatterjee, Suman G, Biswajit Sarkar

Web Management: Kausik Das

Chair person: Rupan Saha

Past Committee

President: Arun Saha

VP & Treasurer: Tathagata Bhattacharya

Secretary: Nilendra Chanda

Cultural Secretary: Raka Das

Publications: Rituparna Bhattacharya

Web Development: Kausik Das

President: Dip Narayan Das

Vice President: Arun Saha

Treasurer: Biplab Biswas

Secretary: Dibyendu Chanda

Cultural Secretary: Rituparna Bhattacharya, Debashis Bose, Tathagata Bhattacharya

Publications: Nilendra Chanda

President: Subir Kundu

VP & Treasurer: Dip Narayan Das

Secretary: Madan Ghora

Cultural Secretary: Arun Saha

Publications: Dibyendu Chanda

President: Rupan Saha

Treasurer: Arunava Ray

Secretary: Tathagata Bhattacharya

Cultural Secretary: Arun Saha, Swati Das, Raka Das

Publications: Dip Narayan Das

President: Indraneel Chatterjee / Kunal Saha

Treasurer: Subir Kundu

Secretary: Tathagata Bhattacharya

Cultural Secretary: Arun Saha

Publications: Baishali Ray

President: Biplab Biswas

Treasurer: Indraneel Chatterjee

Secretary: Kunal Saha

Cultural Secretary: Ipsita Chatterjee

Publications: Subir Kundu

Executive Committee: All Members

501 3(c) Certificate

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By Laws

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Become Member

Your membership is crucial in helping us continue our events and start new programs. Become a Purbasha Member now and get involved!!!

Family Membership *

2 Adults

2 Kids

Individual Membership

1 Adult

Student Family Membership *

2 Adults

2 Kids

Student Membership

1 Adult

You can also download the Membership Form, fill it up, attach the payment check and send it to the following address. Please make sure that all checks must be payable towards Purbasha.

Purbasha Inc.
PO Box 2904
Alpharetta GA 30023-2904

Membership Benefits

  • Free entry to all Purbasha events throughout the year:
    • Saraswati Puja
    • Borsho Boron o Kobi Pronam
    • Annual Summer Picnic
    • Mahalaya
    • Durga Puja
    • Lakshmi Puja
    • Kali Puja
  • Purbasha Annual Magazine (Agamani) - Members receive a complimentary copy of Agamani at Durga Puja.
  • Discounted Tickets - Get highly discounted tickets for renowned Guest Artists.
  • Purbasha Committees - An opportunity to serve this wonderful community, can be part of several committees.
  • Social Networking - Get connected to the professional community of Purbasha & launching platform to showcase your talents.
  • PURBASHA YOUTH COMMITTEE - Purbasha attempts to provide an avenue to every Purbasha kid to give creative expression to their talent through dance, song and other cultural performances.
  • Other events – Be part of the Purbasha Family to organize other non-Purbasha events like Health Day.

Membership Rules

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to qualify for membership.
  • The membership fee is for 12 months from the primary member’s join date and is renewable at the end of this period.
  • Membership is not transferable and may not be loaned to others.
  • The cost of your membership is non-refundable.
  • Purbasha reserves the right to revoke membership privileges of those who fail to comply with the Purbasha guidelines and/or disrupt other members.
* Family is defined as husband, wife and immediate family. Extended family will be treated as non-member and charged non-member rate.

Purbasha Publications

Purbasha serves as a conduit of information for cultural events and initiatives. We also showcase the immense diversity of our community through our annual magazine Agamani.

Agamani is the annual literary magazine published by Purbasha and distributed during Durga Puja to our members & sponsors.

It serves as an opportunity to thank our sponsors and showcase the creativity our members.


Our Sponsors

As we celebrate the many events throughout the year, we pause to acknowledge the generosity of our Sponsors, without whose magnanimous support, we could not proceed.

We truly appreciate your support. THANK YOU!