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Ramzan: A gastronomical perspective.

By: Pamela Nandi

Location: Kolkata, India


Since I started my blog 2 years back and being a foodie, I was always overwhelmed with the elaborate spread of Ramazan. It is my wish since long to write a blog about the sweet memories that I have captured during these years.

The holy month of Ramzan (the month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting) is the month of prayers and fasting by Muslims all over the globe and also synonymous with food in the form of Iftar. The kaleidoscope of flavors in the spread, host of eclectic masalas in the delectable, meticulously prepared dishes with nutritional values, absorb sufficient fluids to avoid dehydration are awesome. And then the much-awaited Eid al-Fitr (“Festival of Breaking the Fast”), marks the conclusion of Ramadan when its time to rejoice with loved ones and indulge in an array of delicious dishes.

This year during the lockdown due to COVID-19, with limited ingredients in my stock, I prepared some Ramadan dishes.

My Ramadan platter

Sharbat always helps the body to stay hydrated making it one of the best options for Iftar and the fennel seeds sharbat is the most common one. A sharbat should be picked so that it matches your taste, can be a smoothie too as a hunger filler.

Pineapple Sharbat with bits of melon

Mixed Fruit Vegetables Salad

Your taste buds crave for something delicious after a long day fasting. One batter and wide varieties of fritters, so easy and tasty always grace the Iftar spread.

Potatoe Fritters battered in Besan and Fried Bell Peppers tossed in Indian Spices
Cheese Potatoe Tikkis and Fried Chicken Legs battered in besan

After a day-long fast, the high protein – Haleem is the staple dish that is consumed during Iftar. The slow-cooked meat and lentils with the aromatic spices is the most energizing and highly nutritional comforting meal for every Iftar spread.

Chicken Haleem – Recipe courtesy by Farhana Afreen

To know more about this mouth watering delicacies, head over to Pamela's personal blog shared with us at


About the Author - Pamela Nandi

A hardcore IT professional for the last 20 years, and that also working on programming languages and delivery management, have always dreamt to boost my passion for food and travel. My interest circles around food recommendations and reviews starting from street food to star properties, food and travel blogging, but also stretches one step further – exploring the gastronomical journey and bringing back the flavours from overseas to reflect in my blog also. LBB Insider and Zomato Connoisseur and a Verified Reviewer by Zomato.

My culinary interest involves experimenting on fusion recipes where East meets West.

Also passionate about travel too, to explore new destinations. A Globe-Trotter – explored 18 countries so far and still to continue.

During these 2 years, my passion for blogging, cooking and photography has turned to dress up the food or product in style. With a sense of little flair, I am trying to make things more presentable - FOOD and PRODUCT STYLING with my phone camera.

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