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Purbasha Clubs

Soccer & TT Club

We play scocer on Sunday mornings in webb bridge middle school and TT is currently played in saturday evenings in our members houses as per board availability. To join the club, Contact :- 

Goutam Sardar (623-698-5889)

Biplab Biswas (678-327-1165)


Bangla Learning class

We want to our kid to learn our mother tongue and know our heritage and culture and be part of that. this club is mainly for kids so that they can learn bengali , we did a full summer camp for that. To know more please contact :- 

Swati Mukherjee ( 678-727-8355)

Anindita Chakraborty (262-824-6038)


Purbasha Strings

This is our musical endaveour, our internal band focussed on Classical, Adhunik, bengali and Hindi songs alongwith Band music .To hone your music skills and be part of the strings journey please contact :- 

Indrasish Chakraborty ( 762-436-5083)

Dip Narayan Das ( 678-727-8354)

Purbasha strings .jpg

Theatre Arts/Drama

This is our team/club where we produce different theatrical presentation for stage performance . To join the club contact :- 

Kaushik Datta ( 201-574-3116)

Gourab Majumdar ( 858-249-8983)

Green and Red Drama Club Logo.jpg

Purbasha Cares

This is our motto our ambition and our goal . We are focussed on community outreach and social charity programs as a non-profit and we do a lot of activities under this for whole year. To join and know more contact :- 

Mannisha Chatterjee (646-942-2826)

Nilendra Chanda (404-851-4746)

purbasha cares.jpg

Art Workshop

Art and culture are a indifferent part of bengalis. We have organised multiple art workshops in this year and last alongwith many art competitions and exhibitions showcasing our member talents. So if you want to host a art workshop or be a part of it , contact :- 

Nilendra Chanda ( 404-851-4746)

Brown Green Artistic Colorful Illustration Art Workshop Flyer.jpg
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