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Agamani 2018

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

President's Desk

“Durga Puja” is something that I have been enjoying from my early childhood. The place I used to live in Kolkata is surrounded by some “big” Durga Pujas and is very crowded all the time. I still remember that I used to wake up listening to “Dhak” and old Bengali Kishore Kumar melodies that they play in the “Puja Pandals”. The weather during this time is so good you won’t feel staying inside home. So after some breakfast it’s all about playing and roaming with friends in the morning. Study is the last thing my parent could force me to do during these four days (Saptami, Astami,Navami and Dashami). The best thing I remember is “cap bonduk” (toy pistols where you can load strips containing tiny dots that explodes when the pistol hammer hits it). It was so much fun. We used to

play “Chor-Police” with that thing. In the evening I used to go with my parents to see different pujas all over Kolkata. Though the traffic is terrible, it is hot

and humid but still you won’t feel anything in that electrifying environment. So colorful so bright and so full of fun and love.When I was in college or during my post-graduation

things were a bit different. Then it was all about hanging with friends, watch some good movies, go to restaurants etc. After getting married, Puja was a bit romantic. It was

all about pandal hopping with my wife, eat “fuchka”s, take selfies and you name it.

Food is another essential part of “Durga Puja”. In Kolkata, you will see all the Puja enthusiast eating all the time. So many stalls preparing so many delicious

dishes that is hard to resist. Then comes Bijoya which is so “sweet” in nature. The sweets will reduce a little bit of sadness watching “Ma Durga” go.

Bengali and the occasion is Durga Puja you have to eat a lot of sweets and that is a rule!!

Things have changed a lot when I came to United States and joined Purbasha. Here I found a different Durga Puja away from hustle and bustle of my puja

days in Kolkata. Here, there are so many challenges and people still worship “Ma Durga” with same respect and love. I was amazed and decided to participate from the very first year with whatever I could. My wife has the same enthusiasm and we took

part in different activities from the very beginning. It is still going on and will be there in future as well. I feel the same energy during Puja that I used to feel in my childhood. I want my son to feel the same.The countdown has begun for this year as well and

the Purbasha family is all geared up to welcome Ma Durga in Atlanta. There will be Anjali, Dhunuchi Nach, drawing competition and so much more. This year we will have a lot of cultural programs performed by our members, external artist performance and lots

of delicious food.My thanks to all the members for your dedication, hard work, commitment and love that helps Purbasha to move forward. My thanks to our executive committee members & board of directors to make things happen

this year. We are growing and will grow in years to come. I would thank all the sponsors for their continuous support. Without their help we will not be able to

organize such big events. May the blessings of “Ma Durga” bring happiness,

prosperity and good health to you all. God bless you!

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