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Agamani 2020

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Purbasha's Annual Magazine
Agamani 2020



2020 – The year that was meant to be the 10th anniversary year of Purbasha, but instead this year shall be etched in public memory and in the annals of the history because of the novel coronavirus.

Life has taken an unprecedented turn and it has been almost accepted that it may never revert to the life we knew before the pandemic. Millions of people have died and millions more have been infected. The virus does not differentiate between rich and poor, between the most powerful man of the world and an ordinary citizen. It can infect anyone, no one is safe! It has crippled the world economy, shut down several countries, impacted humanity in never-before-seen ways.

Although Purbasha has been trying to cope up with the changing times, there are some dreams that shall remain unfulfilled this year. The mega annual festival of Durga Puja is among the grand celebration that we were looking forward to but keeping the priority of health and safety for all there has been changes to the plan.

Abandoning the familiar crowded venue and because of the suggested restrictions towards the participation due to the pandemic, the executive committee has decided to take our durga puja to the people through live streaming and social media. We are concerned that with the crowded venues many may get infected with the deadly virus and hence the decision to show our puja virtually.

Not only the puja, prayers can also be offered virtually. The cultural committee shall be streaming a program. The events committee also organized durga puja themed events through social media.

Our efforts this year may not compensate for the actual celebration of Durga Puja that also of us want to have, yet a heartfelt prayer and a joyful participation can make the difference. May the goddess of strength give us the power to endure such a difficult time for mankind. May we emerge from this stronger, together.

Here’s hoping to the next year- আসছে বছর নিশ্চই হবে!

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Monideepa Mukherjee Gourab Majumdar

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