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Love Kolkata Food?Must try these 100-year-old-dishes..

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

By: Pamela Nandi

One of Kolkata's oldest charm in the buzzing city, is to explore it's legendary food outlets.The heritage of Kolkata lies in its gastronomy too. The classic old street foods still stand out with its glazed look, gracing the plate and fatty oil spilling from the sides.With superb fish fry taking a nap beside homemade kasundi to deep-fried Bengali's much loved veggie fritters,"telebhaja", the most attention grabbing item in every adda session.

A plate of juicy chunks of mutton kasha always elevates the mood of every bong.

I would not describe this walk as a memory trail, for me its first time to explore the heritage outlets which has lost its essence over the time in the narrow lanes of Food Capital City – North Kolkata, but offers a diverse range of lip-smacking street food starting from savouries like fast food, snacks to sweets, sarbat etc. Our agenda was to cultivate the history of the street foods that were left behind but tastes incredible by taking a stroll down the sidewalk in the areas – Shyambazar and Hatibagan.

And yes, we Kolkatans always go by the phrase ‘Meet and Eat’ and FOOD being one such vital connect to greet and share with people.

Here is an outline of the HERITAGE JOINTS covered –

1. Five Point - Shyambazar

An old joint located at five point crossing that serves best fresh juices in the area.


  1. Fresh Fruit Juice

  2. Lassi

2. Mitra Cafe - Shyambazar

The second oldest outlet situated near 5point crossing beside metro station (GATE 1) – a small cafe that serves fried snacks.


  1. Diamond Fish Fry

  2. Afghani Chicken – Chicken Kabiraji enveloped with thick spicy gravy of Indian spices and dry fruits served with roti, boiled potatoes, salad.

  3. Brain Chop – Goat Brain surrounded by spicy delicious filling de, battered, deep fried and served.

The founder Shri Sushil Roy in the year 1920 derived the name” MITRA” signifying ” all customers as their ‘FRIENDS’.

3. Golbari-Shyambazar

Gem of Shyambazar. A heritage restaurant famous for its Kosha Mangsho (Mutton Kasha).

Finger licking, hot, spicy, black gravy with oil floating on the top, hard to trace the mutton pieces. But still, absolutely mouth-watering dish served with soft parathas (parota).


  1. Mutton and Chicken Kosha

  2. Mutton and Chicken Keema Curry

For all other legacies of Kolkata, head to Pamela Nandi's blog on the below link :


About the Author - Pamela Nandi

A hardcore IT professional for the last 20 years, and that also working on programming languages and delivery management, have always dreamt to boost my passion for food and travel. My interest circles around food recommendations and reviews starting from street food to star properties, food and travel blogging, but also stretches one step further – exploring the gastronomical journey and bringing back the flavours from overseas to reflect in my blog also. LBB Insider and Zomato Connoisseur and a Verified Reviewer by Zomato.

My culinary interest involves experimenting on fusion recipes where East meets West.

Also passionate about travel too, to explore new destinations. A Globe-Trotter – explored 18 countries so far and still to continue.

During these 2 years, my passion for blogging, cooking and photography has turned to dress up the food or product in style. With a sense of little flair, I am trying to make things more presentable - FOOD and PRODUCT STYLING with my phone camera.

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