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Updated: Feb 7, 2021

By: Dip Narayan Das




  • Stretched Canvas

  • Acrylic


About the Artist

Painting to me is always inspired by what I see around me. I try to capture some essence of it to reflect on a piece of paper. It reflects a time to myself ... with my thoughts, colors, paint brush and paper.

When I look back at my old painting, Which to me, brings back the memories of the moment associated with it. Obviously watercolor is my favorite medium ... but I love the sophistication of oil color too.

For budding painters ... Encouragement and Inspiration is important ( for me it has always been my mom) as well as having small successes along the way to keep going and maintaining interest. So do paint what ever inspires you ...

This painting reflects my appreciation of the time spent studying at one of the world‘s renowned institution Georgia Tech.

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1 Comment

Jan 11, 2021

Beautiful Dip da.....keep painting !!

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