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Agamani 2019

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

President's Desk

“মা আসছে”…...

To Bengalis, this phrase is enough to get our hearts racing, our mind boggling and our body overwhelmed with joy. We create scenarios inside our head of us pandal hopping with our husband, buying big balloons for our little ones, eating ice cream with our parents, giving “adda” with our friends and of course spending that special moment with our “special” someone.

But being away from Kolkata makes all of this difficult. But impossible? No. We, in Purbasha, have been really determined to make sure no one feels left out during this special occasion. We form a family outside of our family and try to live every moment to the best of our abilities. We share our beautiful moments with each other.

This time, let’s make it even more special. Let’s make each moment count. Let’s pray to Durga Ma to keep everyone healthy and happy. Let’s sing, dance, frolic, create and let our imaginations run wild. Let’s not stop at anything. Because we are a family. Purbasha is our family and on this note I would like to thank all the Purbasha family members from the bottom of my heart for all their hard work and endless contribution towards this organization to make all the events successful. Come, let’s enjoy as we observe all members blossom under the starry limelight of Durga Ma.

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